If Covid Happened in ‘Veep,’ Showrunner Says Selina Meyer Would Actually Be Competent

While we’re all inside marathon-watching television until our eyeballs bleed and the bedsores take hold, it’s fun to imagine what certain shows might look like in the time of the coronavirus.

This week, Vulture did just that, polling 37 TV writers on what their characters in series new and old might do in a pandemic.The lineup includes Tina Fay and Mike Schur, writers from “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Riverdale,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Frasier,” “Parks and Recreation,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “One Day at Time,” “You,” and many more of your at-home comfort favorites.

The standout, however, and the one that feels most inherent to the series’ established DNA, is executive producer and showrunner David Mandel’s spec take on what the world of “Veep” might look like today, and how perennially incompetent V.P.

turned Potus Selina Meyer would actually… pull it off and save the day?.More from IndieWireFilm Academy

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