IFC Films Dominates Academy Screening Platform with Nine Contenders

In this strange new moviegoing ecosystem, IFC Films is one indie distributor doing well despite the hurdles of releasing content amid the ongoing pandemic.

Not only did the arthouse platform just cross the $2-million mark overall at the drive-in box office with the release of “Relic,” but IFC also is currently in the lead in getting out films to Oscar voters on the Academy’s new screening platform.Right now, nine films out of 19 contending for Academy eyeballs in the online screening room come from IFC, and they include “Premature,” “Swallow,” “Resistance,” “The Other Lamb,” “True History of the Kelly Gang,” “The Wretched,” “How to Build a Girl,” “The Trip to Greece,” and “Babyteeth.” IFC has had a strong 2020 slate, earning critical buzz and solid VOD returns including for “Relic,” which with drive-in play and digital play combined has earned more than $580,000 since opening on Friday, July 10.

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