Ignore the Sitcom Title — ‘The Fabelmans’ Is the Rare Great Movie About the Ecstasy of Making Movies

When I saw Steven Spielberg’s “The Fabelmans” at the Toronto Film Festival in September, I absolutely loved it.

And while I never expected the film to be some breakout smash, my hope for it — and my cautiously optimistic prediction — is that it would find a hook into the culture.

I assumed that a drama about how Steven Spielberg got to be the genius he is would resonate, in a big way, with movie fans from multiple generations.

Okay, not so much with those under 35.

But that still leaves a lot of us!“The Fabelmans,” I think, has a bad title — it sounds like a sitcom starring David Schwimmer and Mayim Bialik as the parents.

But the movie is a rapt and enveloping experience, a true memoir on film.

Like all good memoirs, the movie is about a few things at once — in this case, the adventure of growing up,

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