‘I’m Your Woman’ Review: Rachel Brosnahan Plays a Crook’s Better Half in Boring Twist on the Crime Film

Writer-director Julia Hart (“Fast Color”) has seen more crime films than she can count, and she has concluded that these movies have a bad habit of underutilizing their female characters — the girlfriends and wives who get shunted to the side when the going gets tough.

It’s bad form for reviews to quote from press notes, but this insight from Hart warrants repeating: “The moment the door closes in Diane Keaton’s face in ‘The Godfather.’ The moment Tuesday Weld gets in the car in ‘Thief,’” she explains.

“I just always found myself wanting to follow the woman.

… And since I never got to see that in those movies, I just decided to make that movie myself.”“I’m Your Woman” features Rachel Brosnahan in the other side of a story that has often, but not always, focused on men.

Except, the best examples of the genre do make room for the wives and the girlfriends.

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