In Outlander’s ‘Sticks And Stones,’ Claire Faces Both And Is Unsurprisingly Worse For It

Things aren’t getting much better in “Sticks and Stones,” the latest “Outlander” episode where Claire has trouble dealing with the horrific events that happened just outside her door at the end season 6’s previous episode.Things are bad, but things aren’t completely horrible this episode, at least.

There’s a love triangle of sorts that gets some screen time, and Roger appears to have found his calling.

For Claire, however, things are really bad.

And it looks like things are going to get worse before they (hopefully) get better.Read on for a spoiler-full discussion of the “Outlander” season 6 episode, “Sticks and Stones.”Malva…The post In Outlander’s ‘Sticks and Stones,’ Claire Faces Both and Is Unsurprisingly Worse for It appeared first on /Film.

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