In The Shadow Of The Moon Ending Explained: Time Is Not A Flat Circle

Spoilers follow.Time travel as a plot device is inherently tricky to pull off in a serious, dramatic setting, as it introduces logical paradoxes that remain unexplained even by scientific theory.

There’s the Grandfather paradox, which introduces too many inconsistencies within a timeline, and the question of negated intent once the goals facilitated by time travel are accomplished.

However, if the story is gripping and twisty enough, and ends on a satisfactory note, such inconsistencies can be easily sidelined.

But when it comes to a film like “In the Shadow of the Moon,” the case becomes inherently complicated, especially when you dissect the time travel mechanics it employs.”In the Shadow of the Moon” ends on a rather triumphant note, where the time travel accomplishes its goal, and the protagonists, Lockie (Boyd Holbrook) and Rya (Cleopatra Coleman), are given the opportunity to start over.

While this works from a character standpoint,…

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