Indiana Jones 5 Started Its Set Design Journey By Borrowing From Real WWII History

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” may have been a box office disappointment, but it wasn’t for lack of trying to capture the spirit of a classic Indy outing.

The movie focuses on the titular archeologist as he approaches retirement and embarks on one last adventure, making for a reflective film that was ultimately a safer, less exciting Indiana Jones entry — even while it tried to emulate much of what made the earlier movies so enchanting.For starters, before we see a single shot of old Indy, director James Mangold made sure to kick things off with a chase scene set in 1944 that depicts a 37-year-old Indiana Jones doing battle with the franchise’s go-to villains: Nazis.

In the trailer, the de-aging shots used in this sequence looked particularly good.

In the final film, however, the tech wasn’t as consistently convincing as we’d all hoped, despite Harrison Ford’s assurances…

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