Is San Andreas 2 With The Rock Still Happening, Or Is The West Coast Safe For Now?

Back in 2015, just as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was cementing his status as one of the world’s biggest movie stars, the wrestler-turned-actor starred in the highly successful disaster flick “San Andreas.” This was actually one of the movies that proved Johnson could help open a big blockbuster outside of a major franchise.

He had earned the reputation of being “franchise Viagra” given what he was able to do for “Fast & Furious,” “G.I.

Joe,” and other established properties.”San Andreas” sees the infamous San Andreas Fault finally give, which triggers a massive magnitude 9 earthquake in California.

Rescue helicopter pilot Raymond Gaines (Johnson) and his estranged wife must then make their way from Los Angeles to San Francisco to save their daughter.

It was a huge success, taking in $474 million worldwide against a $110 million budget.

That being the case, Warner Bros.

was very quick to announce a squeal back in early 2016.

But all these years later,…

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