I’ve never seen … any James Bond film | Hadley Freeman

Continuing our series in which writers rectify gaps in their film education, Hadley Freedman finally pops her 007 cherry with the ‘Bondiest Bond’ – The Spy Who Loved MeRead all of our series about classic missed filmsI first became aware of James Bond in 1989, which was not, I have since learned from Bondologists, a vintage Bond era.

Two film posters were ubiquitous that summer: the first was for Batman, starring Michael Keaton, and the second was for Licence to Kill, starring Timothy Dalton.

In the months leading up to the release of these films, I watched their trailers seemingly hundreds of times: they were both franchises about a superhero; both featured a good guy with a gun killing a lot of bad guys with guns; both lightened the bloodshed with a sprinkling of winking jokes.

Yet while I queued up to see Batman the day it was released and

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