Jack Nicholson Rewrote ‘Departed’ Scene to Make It More Twisted, but It Didn’t Get Used

One of the most memorable lines in Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed” arrives early.

Jack Nicholson’s mob boss Frank Costello is lecturing young Colin Sullivan when Scorsese cuts to one of Costello’s murders.

Costello shoots a woman from behind on a beach.

“She fell funny,” the mob boss tells his partner, played by Ray Winstone.

It’s a twisted line that could have been even more twisted had Scorsese approved a surprise Nicholson rewrite of the cutaway scene.

Matt Damon joined Marc Maron’s “Wtf” podcast this week and revealed Nicholson’s plan to extend the brief sequence.“The scene was one-eighth of a page.

It said, ‘Costello executes a man kneeling in the marsh.’ That’s all it said,” Damon said (via Uproxx).

“Jack was so excited and said [to me], ‘Wait until you hear what I did.’ He goes, ‘Well, it was an eighth of a page,’ and he goes,

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