James Cosmo: ‘My friend said: They’re going to drink beer out of your skull’

After his brutal demise on Game of Thrones, the veteran Scottish actor is back in crime drama The Bay.

Is he the baddie?For the most part, actors have now sussed out the art of the Zoom interview.

The trick is to do it in front of a completely blank background, so the interviewer cannot possibly glean any personal details from whatever you happen to be in front of.James Cosmo does not subscribe to this notion.

We speak in mid-November and, when his Zoom screen clicked into life, he was vaping up a storm before a massive, illuminated wooden Christmas tree.

True, he has played Santa Claus many a time, most memorably for most in the Narnia films, but also annually at his son’s school’s Christmas grotto (he was so good his son didn’t recognise him).

Yet who knew he was this excessively festive?Continue reading.

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