Jesse Plemons: ‘I enjoy going down rabbit holes’

The actor who rose to fame as ‘Meth Damon’ on Breaking Bad has fast become Hollywood’s favourite new character actor.

He talks about his ‘sick enjoyment’ of pressure, his fiancee, Kirsten Dunst, and his latest role, as an FBI officer hunting the Black PanthersJesse Plemons has a square, pink face, the unassuming air of a neighbourhood handyman and a tendency to sigh as he speaks, so it sounds as if he is hoisting each sentence up on to a high shelf.

At 32, he has already starred in two Spielbergs, a Scorsese (The Irishman) and a Paul Thomas Anderson (The Master).

He and his fiancee, Kirsten Dunst, who met in 2015 when they played happily married murderers in the second series of Fargo, will also be seen later this year in Jane Campion’s western, Power of the Dog.

Most recently, Plemons and Jessie Buckley were stunning as a couple

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