John Carpenter’s ‘Escape from New York’ and ‘The Fog’ Scores Getting Vinyl Reissue

Two more classic John Carpenter soundtracks are getting the vinyl treatment for fans of the horror director and composing maestro’s cult favorites.

The scores for “Escape from New York,” the 1981 dystopian thriller starring Kurt Russell, and “The Fog,” the 1980 supernatural horror movie, will receive vinyl reissues from Waxwork Records in September.The label previously released a new LP for the soundtrack for “The Thing,” which Carpenter also composed along with directing the film, that resurrected lost cues from the original score.The “Escape from New York” score was written by Carpenter and co-produced by Carpenter and Alan Howarth.

Howarth used equipment such as Arp and Prophet-5 synthesizers, plus a Linn Lm-1 drum machine, as well as an acoustic piano and Fender guitars, to create the film’s soundscape, while Carpenter composed the melodies on synthesizer keyboards.

Howarth manually synchronized the equipment to picture while listening to a copy of the film’s dialogue.

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