Johnny Depp on ‘Power of the Small’ at Launch of ‘Minamata’ at Berlin Film Festival

Johnny Depp arrived at the Berlin Film Festival Friday to support the film “Minamata,” in which he plays celebrated war photographer W.

Eugene Smith.In the film, based on real events, Smith is pitted against a powerful corporation responsible for poisoning with mercury the people of Minamata in Japan in 1971.

Directed by Andrew Levitas, the film also stars Hiroyuki Sanada, Minami, Bill Nighy and Jun Kunimura.At a press conference, Depp said he had a “strange fascination” with Smith and his photography, which was enhanced when he “read about his life and what he went through, and experienced, and what he sacrificed.”Asked about the political responsibility of actors, he said: “All people, all of us, are faced with huge monolithic-sized problems at times in our lives.” He referred to “the power of the small” when confronted with such “monumental” issues, whether they are environmental, social or political.

“Just keep chipping away,

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