‘Joker 2’ Cinematographer ‘Never Even Met’ the Real Lady Gaga on Set, Called Her ‘Lee’ While Filming: ‘I Didn’t Know Her at All’

Lawrence Sher, the Oscar-nominated cinematographer for “Joker,” revealed on “The Trenches Talk” podcast that he “never even met” Lady Gaga on the set of the sequel, “Joker: Folie à Deux,” because she was presumably in character the whole time (via IndieWire).

Gaga stars opposite returning lead Joaquin Phoenix in the 2024 comic book movie, which casts her as Harley Quinn opposite Phoenix’s Joker.

Sher said it wasn’t until he started calling Gaga by the name “Lee” (presumably a nod to Harley) that she even warmed up to him.“I didn’t know Stefani at all,” Sher said referring to Gaga’s real name, Stefani Germanotta.

“Strangely, I felt like I never even met her, even during the makeup/hair tests.

Maybe it was my philosophy of not trying to get in their space.

And then I remember for a week, being like, ‘God, I feel like we are disconnecting.

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