‘Jungle Cruise’ Beats Box-Office Expectations as ‘Old’ Plummets. How Is This PVOD’s Fault?

The National Association of Theater Owners blamed the disappointing performance of “Black Widow” on its same-day $29.99 availability for Disney+ customers.

Of course, home platforms take some revenue away from theaters.

Enough to blame it for underperforming opening weekends and the precipitous drops that often follow? Evidence increasingly shows that’s not the case.The $200 million-budgeted “Jungle Cruise” opened to $34.2 million domestic, an impressively strong result when tracking suggested $25 million, and a studio-reported $30 million in Premium VOD revenue via Disney+ subscribers worldwide.

No breakdown was given for PVOD, but the Disney+ viewership is much bigger in North America.For “Jungle Cruise,” Saturday was down 9 percent from opening day.

For “Black Widow” — also on Disney+ PVOD — the drop was 41 percent.

Reaching back to the pre-pvod opening days of summer 2019, Disney’s family-friendly “The Lion King” saw a 22 percent Saturday drop.Last weekend saw the debut of two theater exclusives with “Old” (Universal

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