K-Pop Movie ‘Lost in America’ Set Up by Lynda Obst, Korea’s Cj Enm (Exclusive)

Producer Lynda Obst and Miky Lee (executive producer of “Parasite”) have joined forces to tap into the Korean music wave.

They will produce “K-Pop: Lost in America,” a feature-length road movie to be released in 2023.The Cj Enm production has tapped Jk Youn, director of two of the biggest Korean movies of all time, to helm the project.

With disaster action movie “Haeundae” in 2009 and melodrama “Ode to My Father” in 2014, Youn was the first person to direct two films that each scored 10 million admissions, the mark of a mega blockbuster, at the Korean box office.The narrative in “Lost in America” revolves around a K-pop boy group that mistakenly lands in Texas with only two days left until their global debut in the New York.

With no money and little time, they must make their way to New York to perform on their dream stage.“We plan to cast

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