Kate Bosworth: ‘Blue Crush’ Could Have Easily Been ‘Exploitative’ with Other Male Directors

Kate Bosworth didn’t let early 2000s Hollywood crush her ahead of her big break in “Blue Crush.”The actress reflected on her breakout role and easily what could have been a bikini-clad “Girls Gone Wild” parody of a sports surfing film.“I was reading a lot of scripts in 2001, and the parts for women were certainly not multidimensional,” Bosworth told Vulture.

“The ones that were exhibiting a lot of depth were quite competitive, and I was a ‘no one’ at the time.

Being a young blonde girl, there were a lot of roles that were stereotypical bitchy, dumb, or vapid.

Not getting roles wasn’t frustrating because that’s the name of the game, but the stereotypes felt disappointing.”She added, “If you remember the early 2000s, they could be pretty cruel for young girls, so I was feeling a little dejected.”That is, until director John Stockwell and

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