Kevin Can F*** Himself Is F***ing Itself For The Last Time With Second And Final Season

If you haven’t already tuned in to AMC’s dramedy, “Kevin Can F*** Himself,” now is the time to experience the great dramedy starring Emmy award winner Annie Murphy of “Schitt’s Creek” fame.

Murphy plays Allison McRoberts, a housewife from Worcester, Massachusetts trapped in a cringeworthy marriage to the titular Kevin, an irresponsible, insensitive, idiotic, and straight-up emotionally abusive manchild who acts like a character written by an A.I.

bot who has only watched “King of Queens” and “Family Guy.” Anytime Allison is on screen with Kevin, the show looks and feels like a multi-cam sitcom in front of…The post Kevin Can F*** Himself is F***ing Itself for the Last Time With Second and Final Season appeared first on /Film.

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