Knives Out review – Daniel Craig goes Columbo in Cluedo whodunnit

Craig grills an all-star lineup of suspects when a wealthy novelist is found dead in Rian Johnson’s sharp, country-house murder mysteryRian Johnson unsheathes an entertainingly nasty, if insubstantial detective mystery with his new film, Knives Out.

Back in 2005, his debut movie Brick (a high-school thriller) paid tribute to the hardboiled noir genre.

Now he does the same thing for cosy crime, although there is nothing that cosy about it.Knives Out has a country house full of frowning suspects, deadpan servants and smirking ne’er-do-wells and an amusing performance from Daniel Craig as Benoît Blanc, the brilliant amateur sleuth from Louisiana who annoys the hell out of one and all by smiling enigmatically, occasionally plinking a jarring high note on the piano during the drawing-room interrogation and pronouncing in his southern burr: “Ah suh-spect far-wuhl play!”

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