Korea’s ‘Be With You’ Heads for North American Release

“Be With You,” a melodrama that opened on top of the Korean box office on Wednesday, will be released in the U.S.

and U.K.Rights to the film, directed by Lee Chang-hoon, were picked up by specialty distributor Jbg, from South Korean film conglomerate Lotte Entertainment for North America, the U.K.

and Ireland.The film is a remake of a 2004 Japanese film of the same title, about a woman who dies and leaves behind her son and husband.

She then returns a year later, putting her fate as a spirit on the line for the sake of her earthly family.Top Korean stars Son Ye-jin and So Ji Sub headline the picture.

It also stars veteran actor Ko Chang-seok (“Secretly, Greatly”) and Kim Ji Jwan, a new child actor.The film’s star power will help it launch in Asian territories.

It will be released in Singapore on April 19 by Purple Plan,

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