Kris Rey and Gillian Jacobs Interview

Kris Rey and Gillian Jacobs make for a formidable duo in Rey’s latest film “I Used to Go Here.” A film about a woman in her early 30’s being asked to speak at her alma mater, the film explores the idea of difficult dreams and what if’s while also offering a realistic look at nostalgia and personal growth.

Rey is best known for her 2015 feature “Unexpected” while Jacobs, who is excellent in the film, is known for her roles in series comedies such as cult favorite “Community” and “Love.” Our critic said of the film “It’s a bit like “Young Adult,” but instead of acid, Rey offers warmth and hope.”We got to speak to both Rey and Jacobs about the film and about playing messy roles and writing complicated character dynamics.Spoiler Warning: Specific plot points of the film are discussed below.I wanted to get

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