‘Lakewood’ Review: Naomi Watts Is a Woman on a Run in Absurd Thriller

There’s been no better time to craft a single-person thriller, especially with the pandemic forcing creators to limit how many people are on set.

It also posits a challenge: How does someone maintain suspense with one person for a feature-length amount of time? This question has been answered with features like “Locke” or the Ryan Reynolds-starring “Buried,” another solo thriller written by “Lakewood” screenwriter Chris Sparling.The elements to make something good are there.

Sparling worked with material like this before — much of his filmography is focused on high-concept thrillers with a limited cast.

Naomi Watts is usually able to deliver a quality performance.

And director Phillip Noyce perfected material like this in the ’90s with “Dead Calm.” Unfortunately, to deliver a “message” that we don’t need to be spelled out for us.We meet Amy Carr (Watts) as she’s waking up her teenage son, Noah

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