Lewis Tan Hints That Shatterstar Might Return (Somehow) In Deadpool 3

Lewis Tan, the actor who played Cole Young in the live-action “Mortal Kombat” adaptation and the mutant superhero Shatterstar in “Deadpool 2” has been tweeting little emoji teasers for the last few months regarding “Deadpool 3,” sparking rumors that Shatterstar will appear in the upcoming film due out in 2024.

An actor confirming or teasing an appearance in an upcoming superhero film is nothing new, but Tan’s tweet is especially curious, considering Shatterstar fell into the rotating blades of a helicopter and splattered his green, alien blood all over the place.

Shatterstar is dead, done-zo, and shredded to bits …

or so we thought.The rumors started after Hugh Jackman was announced as returning to play Wolverine in the film, as Tan replied with some emojis indicating “Deadpool 2” was not the last we’d seen of him.

Of course, he could always be trolling as actors are known to do, but after today’s additional tease on Twitter,

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