Lili Taylor: ‘I knew Harvey Weinstein was a pig. I didn’t know he was a rapist’

The much-loved star of Mystic Pizza, Say Anything and I Shot Andy Warhol discusses acting, alcoholism, friendship and the Scum manifestoLili Taylor is one of those rare actors who makes whatever project she is in feel classier, no matter how small her part.

She would always rather take an interesting minor role over a bland major one, and she then plays it with such punch and personality that she nearly steals the show.

In 1989’s Say Anything, she took what could have been a thankless side role – John Cusack’s platonic best friend – and made it the joyful moral centre of the film.

In Six Feet Under she darkened the mood yet further when she turned up in the second series as the fretful and furtive Lisa.

Only occasionally has a starring role good enough to deserve her come along, such as her extraordinary turn as Valerie Solanas in 1996’s I Shot Andy Warhol,

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