Lionsgate to Develop World War II Story ‘How the Girl Guides Won the War’

Lionsgate is developing British World War II book “How the Girl Guides Won the War” with “La La Land” producer Marc Platt on board.The studio is also in talk with Walden Media to come on as a producer.

It also hired “Everything, Everything” screenwriter J.

Mills Goodloe to adapt the script from Janie Hampton’s book, published in 2011.The Girl Guides were founded in the early 20th Century by Lord Baden-Powell and his sister in the U.K.

shortly after he had founded the Boy Scouts.

Hampton explores how the Guides’ work was crucial to Britain’s victory in the war through keeping up morale in bomb shelters, demonstrating “blitz cooking” with emergency ovens made from the bricks of bombed houses, growing food, knitting, digging shelters, providing First Aid and assisting children who were forced to flee their city homes.Lionsgate previously teamed with Platt on “La La Land,

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