‘Little Women’ Review: Greta Gerwig Marries Tradition With Meta Modernity in Stunning Adaptation

Over 150 years since Louisa May Alcott’s beloved “Little Women” was first published, filmmaker Greta Gerwig’s sophomore effort makes the case that it’s as relevant as ever.

Despite those lofty goals, the “Lady Bird” director doesn’t get heavy-handed or preachy in her affectionate look at the March sisters, who were always styled as very different versions of evolving womanhood, even way back in the mid-19th century.

Instead, Gerwig’s adaptation looks at the eponymous little women through ambitious storytelling techniques that modernize the book’s timeless story in unexpected ways.However, fans of the original novel (and the first-rate 1994 Gillian Armstrong adaptation of Alcott’s book) shouldn’t fret over the contemporary implications of Gerwig’s film.

While it’s consumed with questions of ambition, economics, and a woman’s place in the world, “Little Women” is clearly the work of someone steeped in affection for the original,

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