‘Love, Victor’ Review: TV’s Cutest Gay Rom-Com Matures in Season 2

[Editor’s note: The following review contains minor spoilers for Season 2 of “Love, Victor.”]With an avalanche of LGBTQ+ content releasing every month, the days of squinting for a glimpse of queer representation seem to be safely behind us.

But quantity does not always guarantee quality, especially when it comes to stories about marginalized identities.

When 20th Century Fox released “Love, Simon” in 2018, it was the first studio movie to feature a gay teen coming out story.

Though it was cheesy as hell, the comedy warmed the hearts of queer audiences of all ages, most of whom had never seen a reflection of their young selves in a big-screen movie with A-list stars.The movie did surprisingly well at the box office, earning $66 million worldwide to become the 15th highest-grossing teen romance since 1980.

Clearly, LGBTQ+ audiences were hungry.

Wisely capitalizing on its success, 20th Television temaed up with “Love, Simon” screenwriters Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger to create “Love, Victor,” which expanded

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