Mark Duplass Goes Full David Lynch and Launches One-Man Fyc Campaign for Ray Romano

David Lynch once launched a one-man awards campaign for Laura Dern’s “Inland Empire” performance.

At the cross streets of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea in Los Angeles, Lynch famously sat in a director’s chair in between a cow and an Fyc banner for Dern.

While not as strange, Mark Duplass has gone full Lynch this year by kickstarting his own one-man Fyc campaign on behalf of his “Paddleton” co-star Ray Romano (via the Los Angeles Times).Duplass was spotted at various locations throughout Hollywood on Friday, November 15 posing for photographs with his handmade Fyc posters.

One sign read “Everybody still loves Raymond,” while others included slogans like “4 Ur Conside-Ray-Shun!” and “Vote 4 Ray!” Duplass campaigned for Romano at Hollywood & Highland, Sunset Boulevard, and the offices of Film Independent.Duplass co-wrote “Paddleton” along with director Alex Lehmann.

The movie stars Duplass and Romano as best friends who embark on a

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