Martin Scorsese Is ‘Against 10 Best Lists’ of Films: ‘Favorite’ Movies Will Always Be ‘Varied’

Martin Scorsese has no desire to rank films.The auteur and writer-director of “Killers of the Flower Moon” said during a Time magazine video (below) that he is “against” Top 10 lists of movies, especially when citing his own favorite films.“I’ve tried to make lists over the years of films I personally feel are my favorites, whatever that means,” Scorsese said.

“And then you find out that the word ‘favorite’ has different levels: Films that have impressed you the most, as opposed to films you just like to keep watching, as opposed to those you keep watching and learning from, or experiencing anew.

So, they’re varied.

And I’m always sort of against ’10 best’ lists.”He continued, “Well yes, there’s ‘Citizen Kane.’ That changed my life.

He broke all of the rules.

One of the things that [Orson] Welles said was one of the best things you can bring to filmmaking is ignorance.

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