Matt Damon Admits He Knew ‘The Great Wall’ Was Going to Be a Disaster as He Was Filming It

Matt Damon revealed this week on Marc Maron’s “Wtf” podcast (via The Hollywood Reporter) that his 15-year-old daughter “likes giving me shit” when it comes to judging his career and “crushes me on the [films] that don’t work.” One such film is “The Great Wall,” Zhang Yimou’s poorly-reviewed 2016 monster movie that bombed at the U.S.

box office.

Damon doesn’t need his daughter to tell him the film was awful, as he admitted to Maron that he realized he was acting in a misfire in the middle of production.“I was like, this is exactly how disasters happen,” Damon said, noting he realized “The Great Wall” was doomed after witnessing the movie’s Hollywood backers pressuring Zhang Yimou to sacrifice his vision.

“It doesn’t cohere.

It doesn’t work as a movie.”“I came to consider that the definition of a professional actor; knowing you’re in a turkey and going,

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