Maya Rudolph Wins Emmy for Outstanding Voice-Over Performer

This year’s nominees in the category of outstanding voice-over are interesting: For starters, they’re one of the more racially diverse of this year’s Emmy nominees — but on top of that, they also show how the world of voice-over acting has changed in just a few short years.Maya Rudolph, whose turn as Connie the Hormone Monstress on the Netflix series “Big Mouth” has become a Twitter sensation, secured the first Emmy of her career for the role in the episode “How to Have An Orgasm.” The win was a welcomed surprise considering how beloved Rudolph is, both as an actress and for her role on the animated series.This category, however, as a whole, was especially fraught with issues this year.

“Big Mouth” came under fire this year for actress Jenny Slate voicing a Black character.

The same casting issues plagued the Apple TV+ series “Central Park

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