Melanie Lynskey Isn’t a Fan of Watching Herself Onscreen in ‘Yellowjackets’: ‘It’s Torture’

Even after 30 years in Hollywood, Melanie Lynskey isn’t a fan of watching herself onscreen.The “Yellowjackets” star joked that she “would forget every audition if I could” and said seeing herself acting is torture.”“I watch it one time so I know how to talk about it when I have to talk about it,” Lynskey told the Los Angeles Times, “and then I will never see it again.”The “Candy” actress joked, “Because it’s my horrible face.

I cannot stand watching myself.

I’m so self-conscious.”Lynskey, who was discovered by director Peter Jackson in 1994 for “Heavenly Creatures,” added that she “hates compliments in general,” especially for actors on set.

“It just feels like a waste of time,” Lynskey said.

“People doing surgery together are not like, ‘Oh my God, such a great incision.’ You’re working.”Instead, Lynskey is drawn to directors who lead like doctors: “A

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