Mena Suvari Recalls ‘Weird and Unusual’ Encounter with Kevin Spacey During ‘American Beauty’

Mena Suvari is opening up about her experience making the 1999 Best Picture-winning film “American Beauty.” The actress spoke to People about how she remembers an “unusual experience” with Kevin Spacey in the lead-up to shooting an intimate scene on the film, in which Suvari stars as a high school cheerleader being lusted after by Spacey’s character.

(Spacey won a Best Actor Academy Award for his performance.)Suvari said she “trusted” Spacey on the set of the movie, but that one experience did leave her with a strange feeling.

“To prepare for a scene one day, he brought her into a side room where they ‘lay on the bed very close to one another,’” as Suvari explains to People.

“He was sort of gently holding me.

It was very peaceful but weird and unusual.”Suvari also said that when sexual abuse claims began to surface against the actor in 2017, “I thought of that day.

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