Mia Goth Addresses Oscars Not Taking Horror Seriously: ‘A Change Is Necessary’

Mia Goth wants the Oscars to go, well, more goth.The star of “Infinity Pool” and “Pearl” addressed the lack of horror film recognition by the Academy, particularly in the performance categories.“I think that it’s very political and that it’s not entirely based on the quality of a project per se,” Goth told reporter Jake Hamilton (see below) of the lack of genre diversity among the nominees.

“I think there’s a lot going on there, a lot of cooks in the kitchen when it comes to nominations and categories that are recognized.

Maybe I shouldn’t say that either but I think that’s true.

I think a lot of people know that.

I don’t know why.”Goth continued, “I think a change is necessary.

A shift should take place, really.

If they wanted to engage with the wider public, I think it would be of benefit,

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