Mike Flanagan Hated The Title Ouija: Origin Of Evil

Mike Flanagan is one of the most exciting names in horror right now, but his journey to getting there was a bit stop-and-go.

He got his first taste of box office success with 2013’s “Oculus,” the filmmaker’s well-received adaptation of his own short movie, “Oculus: Chapter 3 – The Man with the Plan.” After that, Flanagan helmed three horror movies in rapid succession.

Of the trio, one of them went directly to Netflix (the underrated home invasion thriller “Hush“), while another one of them spent several years floundering in limbo after its U.S.

distributor, Relativity Media, declared bankruptcy (“Before I Wake“).The last of these three movies was 2016’s “Ouija-Origin-of-Evil-2016-movie-posters/”>Ouija: Origin of Evil.” For those who haven’t seen it, “Origin of Evil” is a much better film than its risible subtitle would suggest.

It’s also vastly superior to 2014’s “Ouija,” a flash-in-the-pan Universal/Blumhouse hit that grossed more than 20 times its…

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