‘Morbius’ Box Office Feels the Bite of Terrible Reviews and a C+ Cinemascore

The first weekend of April was a dud.

There was reason to hope it would launch a comeback month with multiple breakout openers, but “Morbius” (Sony) failed to live up to expectations and with a must-see North Carolina/Duke basketball game competing for attention Saturday night, the box office struggled.“Morbius” is the third entry in the Sony Pictures Universe of Movie Characters.

After its Spumc predecessors “Venom” and “Carnage-2021-movie-posters/”>Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” “Morbius” is a disappointment only compared to its potential.

At 39 million, it grossed just under 10 million more than “The Lost City” (Paramount), which had a similar 75 million production budget.So why does the Sandra Bullock/Channing Tatum adventure/comedy get credit for a decent opening and “Morbius” doesn’t? It’s all in the Marvel factor, combined with Sony’s recent string of hits (“Spider-Man: No Way Home” as well as “Carnage” and “Uncharted”).

All these opened much better than expected,

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