‘More Than Ever’ Review: Vicky Krieps Delivers Another Knockout Performance in a Low-Key, Tragic Slow Burn

Hélène Mouchet (Vicky Krieps) is probably dying.

She has been diagnosed with an idiopathic fibrosis of the lungs, meaning none of her doctors really has much idea of how to treat her condition.

They do know that it will eventually result in suffocation, unless she is able to undergo a lung transplant — which is far from certain to work.

In “More Than Ever,” a thoughtful, well-acted drama from writer-director Emily Atef (changing the pace from her work on TV’s “Killing Eve”), this setup is the basis for an exploration, through the lens of one woman’s experience, of how serious disease might be faced, both medically and socially.

Strand Releasing is bringing the film to U.S.

audiences more than a year after its Un Certain Regard premiere in Cannes.Hélène finds the awkward response of her social circle unendurable; people mean well, but are terrified of saying the wrong thing.

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