MoviePass Reminded Us How Much People Love Going to the Movies

Seven years ago, MoviePass co-founders Stacy Spikes and Hamet Watt had a staggering realization that would shake the entire film industry to its core: People actually like going to the movies.

They like to get the hell out of their house to enjoy a night away from their kids, and if that means having to watch Jason Statham punch a prehistoric shark in the face then so be it.For much of cinema’s first century, that might have seemed like a self-evident fact, but in 2011 — when Netflix began acquiring original content, and Silicon Valley had convinced even the major studios to think of multiplexes as a necessary evil that wasn’t long for this world — it seemed like a radical idea.As it turns out, audiences weren’t staying home because they didn’t want to go to the movies, they were staying home because they didn’t want

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