‘My Favorite Shapes’ Molds Julio Torres’ Imagination into a Gift for the World

During the final few minutes of Julio Torres’ HBO special “My Favorite Shapes,” the “Los Espookys” co-creator and star remembers his disheartening childhood trip to Disney World.

Picking up a doll-sized pink and purple door made out of clay, Torres recalls how excited he was to meet a fictional character in real-life: his beloved Daisy Duck.

Like so many kids, he went to Disney World to not only live in a cartoon paradise filled with his animated friends, but to make that world a part of his own.But Torres wasn’t able to do that.

His favorite character wasn’t there, and the only indication she existed at all was a random door, painted to look like hers, but that led nowhere at all.

In the special, Torres explained that he hated having the world “explained to me by oversimplifying it.” Long before he became an exciting writer, comedian,

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