Neil Patrick Harris Says It’s ‘Sexy’ for Straight Actors to Play Gay Roles

The notion of straight actors playing gay roles has been a controversial topic in Hollywood in recent years, especially surrounding high-profile LGBTQ films like “Call Me By Your Name” or “Ammonite.” But Neil Patrick Harris, who is currently starring in Russell T.

Davies’ AIDS drama miniseries “It’s a Sin” now on Channel 4, thinks that casting shouldn’t be driven by sexual preference and, in fact, that straight actors playing gay can even be “sexy.”“I think there’s something sexy about casting a straight actor to play a gay role — if they’re willing to invest a lot into it,” Harris told The Times (via Advocate).“In our world that we live in you can’t really as a director demand that [an actor be a given sexual orientation],” he said.

“Who’s to determine how gay someone is?”Harris is perhaps most famous for playing a straight character, the womanizing bachelor Barney Stinson, in the

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