Netflix’s One Piece Is Much Darker Than The Anime, And Fans Should Be Ready

One Piece” is not just one of the most popular manga ever, but a total phenomenon, and one of the best works of modern fiction.

Eiichiro Oda crafted a story with great thematic depth, one that explores subjects of imperialism, oppression, racism, slavery, and that’s just scratching the surface.

It also expands its world to become one of the most fleshed-out fictional landscapes ever.

Each island and each character exude a rich history and mythology, which make for a fleshed-out saga with extensive lore.What keeps it such an entertaining and not at all convoluted story is the fact that Oda has never lost track of the sense of childlike wonder, of adventure, or the goofy tone from the early days of the manga.

Even at its darkest moments, when someone died or when we experienced huge battles against governments, “One Piece” always has moments of absurd and ludicrous humor that make you smile.

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