‘Nona’: The Pixar SparkShort Wrestles with Cross-Generational Bonding During Playtime

In the Pixar SparkShort, “Nona” (from Disney+), Louis Gonzales tapped into childhood memories of bonding with his grandma over wrestling.

However, he needed a conflict, so he came up with a story in which a five-year-old girl visits her grandma, who is too preoccupied with watching her favorite TV show, “E.W.W.

Smashdown Wrestling,” to play with her.

Undaunted, the granddaughter decides to have a friendly smashdown, which leads to a satisfying compromise.“I drew a drawing of a grandma who loves wrestling because it was entertaining to me, but when I got into the SparkShort program, I realized that my grandma was the inspiration because she is the one I bonded with over wrestling,” said story supervisor Gonzales (“Ratatouille” and “The Incredibles”).

“I was a quiet kid and she was a big personality.

I always went up to her and hugged her, and I was a little nervous.

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