Nope review – Jordan Peele’s brilliantly horrifying ride to nowhere

The director’s elliptical follow-up to Us stars Daniel Kaluuya as a California wrangler defending the family ranch from a deadly threat from aboveAt a key moment in this self-consciously deconstructive slice of spectacular cinema from Jordan Peele, writer-director of Get Out and Us, a character theorises that the monster (whatever it may be) is at its most dangerous when being looked at.

It’s an idea that’s as old as the Greek myth of Medusa (one gaze will turn you to stone) and that resurfaced in 2018 in Susanne Bier’s post-apocalyptic chiller Bird Box (one look will make you kill yourself).

It’s even cheekily echoed in Adam McKay’s recent Don’t Look Up, in which Trumpian politicians insist that destruction-by-comet can be avoided by simply refusing to stare death in the face.In Nope, horse wrangler/trainer Otis “Oj” Haywood Jr (an understatedly intense Daniel Kaluuya

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