Olivia Wilde Wishes ‘Booksmart’ Wasn’t Called a Female ‘Superbad,’ Reflects on Box Office

Chances are high that when reading a review for Olivia Wilde’s acclaimed feature debut “Booksmart” a comparison was made between the director’s female-driven high school comedy and the R-rated comedy classic “Superbad.” The endless comparisons between “Booksmart” and “Superbad” were impossible to ignore, so much so that Wilde herself couldn’t escape them.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment (via The Playlist), Wilde shared mixed feelings about how her film was constantly put in the shadow of another male-dominated comedy.“I mean, hopefully, we get to a point where every female movie doesn’t have to become the female version of a male film, but I loved ‘Superbad,’” Wilde said.

“I mean, in a certain sense, I’m like, we should be so lucky.

I fucking love that movie.

It’s amazing.

But I did feel that we should stand alone.

Hopefully, that’s a kind of

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