‘One Dollar’ Trailer: Mystery Series Follows a Dollar Bill’s Dangerous Journey Through the Rust Belt

George Washington’s seen some things.

If “One Dollar” is any indication, there’s about to be a few more shocking additions to the list.At the Television Critics Association press tour on Sunday afternoon, CBS All Access unveiled the first look at the upcoming series, which tracks the handling and use of a single dollar bill as it weaves its way through a murder mystery.

As small-town accusations, deals, and reckonings happen in the wake of a multiple homicide, each episode shifts perspective depending on who holds the currency in question.It’s the first series of its kind from CBS’ streaming service, which has kept its ambitious drama slate to high-end procedurals (“The Good Fight”), sci-fi TV franchise fare (“Star Trek: Discovery”), and off-kilter biopics (“Strange Angel”).

This episode-by-episode approach comes courtesy of director Craig Zobel and creator Jason Mosberg.

A “Leftovers” and “Westworld” alumni, Zobel’s last

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