One Of The Batman’s Best Falcone Details Was Added In By John Turturro

It’s been more than a year since Robert Pattinson’s emo Caped Crusader arrived in “The Batman.” Director Matt Reeves’ noirish take on the Dark Knight might not have had quite the cultural impact of, say, “The Dark Knight,” but it did manage to become a box office hit during a troubling time for the industry.

Furthermore, there were certainly memorable moments, such as Pattinson’s anti-hero mercilessly beating a helpless thug into oblivion before delivering uttering, “I’m vengeance.” We also have Colin Farrell’s Penguin telling Batman, “Take it easy, sweetheart!” and being fluent in Spanish.John Turturro’s Carmine Falcone, however, was not quite so meme-worthy.

However, some here at /Film have argued that Turturro’s crime lord is the secret weapon of “The Batman,” and he certainly has an integral part in the narrative.

As the movie plays out, we learn the shocking truth: that the crime boss who…

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