One Red Flag At The Start Of I Love Lucy Became Its Downfall

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s fierce, real-life chemistry fueled their roles as the bickering but loving couple on their trailblazing sitcom “I Love Lucy.” No matter how aggravating Lucy’s goofy schemes became, at the end of the day Ricky always forgave her and couldn’t help but be charmed by her wild antics.

But behind the scenes, Lucy and Desi’s actual marriage was far from the cookie-cutter image they presented in their beloved television series.There was a tension between Lucy and Desi that would impact the “I Love Lucy” production even from the very start.

Amy Poehler’s fantastic documentary “Lucy and Desi,” assembles private audio tapes recorded by the couple with home movies and photographs, giving a unique insight into their own personal thoughts and feelings — especially regarding the fractured state of their marriage and how working on “I Love Lucy” exacerbated many of their pre-existing conflicts.


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