Only You review – a perfectly realised story of love and longing

The course of true love runs less than smooth in this engrossing debut feature from writer-director Harry WootliffHere’s something special – a terrifically engrossing drama about two wholly believable characters, made with the kind of wit, honesty and raw emotional intimacy that pierces right to the heart of their relationship.

Vividly rendered, and filled with tangible yearning, it strikes a balance between romantic passion and mundane domesticity, as the skin-prickling attraction of new love is tested by the day-to-day tribulations of real life.At the heart of the film’s charms are a pair of flawless performances by Laia Costa and Josh O’Connor, both superbly directed by writer-director Harry Wootliff in her very impressive feature debut.

Costa, who did such breathtaking work in the one-take German drama Victoria, is Elena, a Spanish émigré living in Glasgow.

Stumbling home from a New Year’s Eve party, she finds herself

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