Oppenheimer Ending Explained: Did We Destroy The World?

Is “Oppenheimer” Christopher Nolan’s best, most ambitious film yet? That might sound hard to believe from the director who delivered a movie with a complicated series of timelines in “Memento,” an entire “Batman” trilogy, the dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream meticulousness of “Inception,” more timeline shenanigans with “Dunkirk,” and, oh yeah, that feature-length excuse to film things in reverse known as “Tenet.” But even with all those examples under Nolan’s belt, what else would you call a movie adaptation of J.

Robert Oppenheimer’s definitive biography, “American Prometheus,” seeking to unravel the brilliance, guilt, and hypocrisy at the heart of such a controversial and paradoxical figure in history? As brought to life with such nuance by Cillian Murphy, this is a protagonist — and, by extension, an entire story — unlike any other that Nolan has attempted to tackle before.That story plays out in quintessential Chris Nolan fashion, unspooling in two separate timelines delineated by on-screen subheads: “Fission,…

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